Twenty-Six Weeks


Today marks 26 weeks of being pregnant with my first child. I find this number to be significant for two reasons:

1) It means that I have been pregnant for half of a year now. Craziness. It just goes so slowly and so quickly at the same time. The first two months I didn’t tell anyone. The third month I told a few… and now I hardly need to say anything because complete strangers do the talking for me. As many of my friends have told me over the last few years, it is amazing what people feel is appropriate to say to you when you are pregnant. More on this another time….

2) 26 Weeks means that I have only 14 weeks left (approximately) until Little Moore arrives. This means I have virtually no time to get EVERYTHING done. I know that it will all work out and that the baby won’t care if the nursery is perfect or whether I still have a two-foot high mound of clothing on top of my dresser, but I care. Surely the child can arrive to a somewhat clean house, albeit not perfect.

So this realization brings me to a number of items that I need to nail down before Little Moore gets here, including:

  • My Birth Plan (This has been started but needs to be finalized)
  • The money I will need for both my Doula and My Placenta Encapsulation (another topic to be discussed at length)
  • My official stance on vaccinations: Good? Bad? Some are good? Ahhhhh!
  • Whether I feel the need to be adament that I not be hooked up to an IV, etc. while giving birth. Should I insist that I be able to consume controlled carbs to keep my blood sugar up?
  • Sock Monkeys. I need to start sewing and stuffing them for the baby’s room.

So as my mind continues to swirl in circles, it is easy to forget to enjoy what is truly important: My baby. Those little kicks I get every morning when I wake up…my protruding mid-section that keeps growing even though I swear I am not eating that much….The feeling of never having to be alone even on my worst days because someone (a very tiny someone) is right there and depending on me to keep it together.

Here is to Motherhood at 26 Weeks!


One thought on “Twenty-Six Weeks

  1. What a wonderful time for you both…I truly hope everything continues to go well…in all of this simply remember its like eating an elephant……its so easy to feel overwhelmed (and tired) but if you take one small job at a time (and limit yourself to that) it will get done. Love to you both aunt Pauline

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