27 Weeks: Vaccinations. When the Third World Comes to Us

One thing I have learned since becoming a “parent-to-be” is that “vaccine” is a dirty word in the natural parenting community. I think it actually outranks “epidural” and “episiotomy.” In fact, I have found no issue so polarizing in recent discussion than the vaccination of children in the United States.

I personally believe that are an over-medicated society. My years in and out of doctor’s offices have taught me that the only way to get and stay healthy is to become your own best advocate. I have fought (what I believed to be) unnecessary prescriptions, methods and tests. I don’t take birth control (obviously, but I never have). I don’t mind the occasional pain medication but I will take my chances with the flu and not get a flu shot. I am up-to-date on all of my vaccines through the Hepatitis shots I got in high school.

My child, however, is another story. This baby will come from my womb 100% perfect, with no diseases (Lord-willing) and no toxin-induced disorders.

The Case AGAINST Vaccinations:

As mothers we are encouraged to give up alcohol, smoking, bug spray, sunscreen, rollercoasters, processed foods and pesticides during our pregnancies. We are told to limit caffeine and to get plenty of sleep. We avoid ibuprofen and aspirin and well as traditional cold medications. In the last few years, I have rid my cupboards of aluminum-containing baking powder, which can lead to inflammation and Alzheimer’s.

Then our babies are born. In the hospital, they receive their first vaccination: a Hepatitis B shot (for a sexually-transmitted disease). The FDA recommends no more than 25 mcg of aluminum as a safe dose for a newborn. The HepB shot contains 225 mcg. This is where most mothers against vaccines start to draw the line.

The HepB shot is only the beginning. Most of the vaccinations we give our children to protect them against horrific diseases contain neurotoxins at extremely unsafe levels. In addition to aluminum, vaccines contain trace amounts of mercury and formaldehyde. Vaccines also contain a number of less questionable ingredients that can cause severe allergic reactions in some patients (which is unavoidable in today’s world of allergy-prone children). In a child’s first “wellness” visit at 2 months, he or she will receive over 1800 additional micrograms of aluminum.

The summary: Vaccines contain poisons and we give them to our children during their most sensitive years of brain development. There are anecdotes all over the web of children who have never been the same after receiving multiple vaccines at a doctor visit (especially after getting the MMR vaccine). For many parents (many of whom believe that the risk of their children getting life-threatening diseases is very low anyway), vaccination is not a risk they are willing to take for their children.

The Case For Vaccination:

There is a reason that we don’t see the same diseases in the United States as can be found regularly in third-world countries: we vaccinate. Our children don’t die of smallpox anymore. We don’t fear polio or mumps. Our children are all but free of serious communicable diseases.

In fact, in communities where parents have decided not to vaccinate, there has been a resurgence of whooping cough (pertussis) this year, which can be fatal to infants who lose the ability to breathe. We don’t live in a bubble. The United States is full of traveling families and visitors from foreign lands. We get vaccinations before going to third-world countries on missions trips, but we don’t think about what might happen when the third world comes to us.

Vaccines are not a bad thing. And, unless they reject them for religious reasons, most people aren’t arguing that vaccines are evil or unnecessary. You may make the choice not to vaccinate and your child might be as healthy as can be. Or sick. Or really, really sick. Or dead.

What mothers need to do, nationwide, is demand something better for our children. We wanted organic produce and foods at our grocery stores and so we voted with our dollars and we got them. Although Americans might be guilty of believing too much of what they read and see on television, the threats against our children (vaccinated or not) are real.

In Conclusion:

So is the best choice to vaccinate and hope that my child can get through the highly toxic levels of poison contained in these shots but avoid scary and life-threatening diseases?

Should I stagger the vaccines so that the child receives only small amounts of toxins at a time?

Should I neglect to vaccinate at all and take my chances in a sort of “voting with my non-compliance” in hopes that enough of us can convince the government to research safer vaccines?

I have no idea and only 13 more weeks or so to figure it out. I do know one thing, though. My child is NOT getting a vaccine with 225 mcg of aluminum in the first 24 hours of his/her life. That is just insanity.

What do you think?